Amazing Transfer Speed! 1GB data from mobile phone to SSD in 1 second!

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Generally speaking, hard drives are usually used on computers to help computers expand their memory, but do you know? In fact, the hard disk can also be connected to the phone to quickly transfer files!

Many users like to use mobile phones to take photos, shoot videos, and download a variety of hd movies on their mobile phones. A mobile phone works like SLR cameras and computers.

However, when I want to backup so many large files to my computer, I have to face embarrassing moments. Because the transmission speed is too slow regardless of the way the data line is transmitted.

This puzzle has been unsolved until I found out that the original hard drive can quickly transfer files to the phone!

In order to achieve this, I used Green Link's M.2 NVMe mobile hard disk box, which was chosen because it has many advantages:

  • Support fast transfer of hard disk, speed up to 1000MB/s;

  • The volume is only 122mm40mm12mm, which is smaller than the projector's electronic pen, and it is not too big to put the imported bag;

  • Reasonable design, adapt to a variety of hard disk specifications (2230/2242/2260/2280), do not worry about the specification mismatch;

  • Slide type + fixed buckle design, tool-free installation, can quickly exchange hard drives;

  • Aluminum alloy process, which can dissipate heat and look good;

  • Type-c interface, adapts to almost all laptops, and some mobile phones;

More to say no benefit, first come to a group of photos, the hard disk box is dark gray color, both durable and not dirty. The size is very small, and it is almost impossible to feel it in your pocket.

In addition to the word 'UGREEN' on the front side, there is also a display light. When connected, it always lights up to indicate success, and blinking always means connection failure.

The back cover adopts the sliding cover design, and can be pushed open with the finger along the above instructions. Then insert the hard disk into the M-KEY interface of the box, and then fix the fixing hole with the fixing buckle, and press and fix to prevent the rear end of the hard disk from lifting. .

After the installation is successful according to the above method, you can connect the laptop or mobile phone through the type-c to type-c cable, no need to drive.

I immediately tested its read and write speed with the MacBook Pro.

MacBook Pro read and write speed test results: read speed 988.14MB / s, write speed 989.04MB / s.

It takes 12.8 seconds to transfer a 3.13G video from the hard disk to the mobile phone. Compared with other transmission methods, this speed is already quite fast!

Through testing, it was found that Greenlink's NVMe hard disk box is indeed very fast.

In summary, the M.2 NVMe hard drive has the advantages of compact size, no drive, and fast transmission speed. Not only can you connect to a computer, but you can also help your phone to transfer files quickly. This is really a boon for countless mobile phone users.

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