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In a fast-paced life, time and efficiency are especially valuable to many people, whether at work or in life. In addition to methods, having good tools can get twice the result with half the effort. Electric screwdrivers are very common in the most commonly used screwdrivers in daily life. Various types of quality and price are common in the market, but only a small part is very prominent in design and function. Take a recently launched wiha zu Hause electric power screwdriver, as a sub-brand product of the old Wiha brand in Germany, the product design is positioned as the flagship brand of quality home tools.

The packaging is designed in a simple style with a unique logo on the package. In addition to some important parameters of the product, the side header information is also included on the side. The package includes the electric power screwdriver main unit, extension rod, 8 different specifications of the batch head, TYPE-C charging line and manual three-package certificate. .

In terms of appearance

Many products are now designed to be exquisite and beautiful, and the experience is actually not good. This wiha zu Hause electric power screwdriver is mainly used in many scenarios, and it is not like some electric screwdrivers on the market. . In terms of feel, the design of the octagonal handle allows the user to fit the palm of the hand to the utmost, enhancing the overall grip comfort.

In order to meet the use of different scenes in daily life, the standard connecting rod is mainly used for extended use, and users can use it according to different scenes and usage habits. When the connecting rod is installed, it is slightly difficult to observe, and the concentricity is high. Compared with the previously used electric spiral knives, the level of detail in this aspect is still more quality.

In terms of the batch

The screwdriver comes with 8 batches, the cross specifications are PH1, PH2, PH3; the word size is SL4.5, SL6.5; the specifications of the outer hexagon are H4, H5, H6. These batches are included in the life to completely disassemble and repair everyday household items. It has the characteristics of hard wear and abrasion in the material, so there is no need to worry about the easy damage of the bit.

In terms of details

Each batch is individually marked with specifications, and is also distinguished by color, taking into account the actual experience of the user. In the past, when the number of batches was large, the batch of heads could not be found very quickly. With the color distinction, you can find the batch you want more accurately and quickly, and the torque can be matched according to the batch color. This is very user-friendly.

There are three physical buttons, the forward button and the reverse button in the handle position. There is a multi-function mode button under the forward and reverse buttons. Short press for lighting to turn on and off, long press for 2 seconds to achieve high and low torque mode switching. The high torque mode reaches 1NM and the low torque mode torque is 0.4NM. The user can precisely switch the torque mode according to different disassembly items. The furniture can be disassembled and assembled under high torque, and the small torque can be used for disassembly and assembly of car toys. The six orange markings mentioned above can be used in the high torque mode, while the small torque mode corresponds to the two green markings.

In addition to short-pressing to turn on the illumination, the illumination will automatically light up when the screwdriver is turned on. It is still very practical in some darker scenes and does not require re-lighting.

The 1.5Ah power-type lithium battery is built into the bottom of the handle. It adopts the current mainstream Type-C charging hole design, and it takes only 1.5 hours to fully charge. The official claim that about 120 screws can be screwed under full power, which is quite powerful! Fully meet the daily use.

There is also a very user-friendly function worthy of attention. Wiha zu Hause electric power screwdriver is used to better protect the screw. In order to prevent the force from slipping off and the slip wire occurs, it will automatically stop the electric rotation when the torque value reaches the maximum. Finally, we can use manual tightening, which not only protects the screws but also protects the disassembled items.

In general, the overall appearance of this electric screwdriver is quite good, the most important octagonal handle design is very comfortable to hold, the size of the torque design, to meet the use of different scenarios, can be screwed 120 screws under full power It is completely in line with the standard of households. Compared with some electric screwdrivers on the market, the electric power assisting precision is much better, which can effectively prevent the damage of screws and utensils.

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