70MAI AIR Pumper help you to deal with tire leak in the way

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Driving on the road to encounter tire problems, I believe this is one of the most troublesome things for new and old drivers. At present, the car has become a means of transportation for many people. The number of cars has been increasing. When driving, there is a puncture or tire pressure is wrong. The old driver may get off the train and finish the tire change. For the novice driver, if there is no tire pressure test installed, it may be difficult to find the tire problem. Some drivers even know how to deal with it, many drivers can only choose Asking for rescue, this will not only waste a lot of time, but sometimes it will cost a lot of money. In fact, nowadays automotive supplies are constantly enriched, and there are also many tires for cars. Many drivers have begun to standardize car tires in cars. Pumps, when you encounter tires, you can solve some problems temporarily, save time and worry, today I will share with you a car tire air pump launched by his own Xiaomi eco-chain brand 70MAI, how is its overall performance? Let's look down!

Tire pressure is very important for the safe driving of the whole vehicle:

  • The correct tire pressure is good for the area where the tire touches the ground when driving. Keeping the correct contact between the tread and the ground can effectively prevent the tires from being damaged on both sides of the tire and prevent the tire from being scrapped or even bursting prematurely!
  • The correct tire pressure can keep the contact between the tread and the ground according to the requirements of different tires, can effectively maintain the friction of the ground, and can effectively reduce the fuel consumption and the cost of tire use, and keep the vehicle safe.
  • Keeping the same tire pressure corresponding to the left and right wheels is beneficial to the balance of the vehicle and the stability of the driving.
  • Strictly follow the requirements of the use of vehicle tires to maintain normal tire pressure according to different seasons. The weight of different occupants maintains the correct tire pressure to effectively prevent puncture, and truly save energy and reduce consumption while maintaining safe driving.

Car tire air pumper is not uncommon. Now some cars will be equipped as standard, but most models still don't have this. There are also a lot of drivers to buy. The price difference between the market and the quality is very large. Take the original one. The tire air pump can really meet the demand for inflation of the tire. It can be very uncomfortable in the accuracy of the inflation time and tire pressure, and the noise during operation is very large, so it has not been used much. It is basically idle. Recently, I saw 70MAI launched a car tire air pump. First of all, as the value control, the first thing that attracted me was the appearance. The metal shell design can be conveniently stored and the car space can be arranged reasonably.

The main features of the product on the outside of the storage box are metal casing, easy storage, direct drive motor, powerful and powerful, metal casing and air pump integrated design, so the air pump inside can not be taken out, from the perspective of use Look, in fact, it is quite reasonable. When you use it, you can use the storage box directly and connect the line. You can use it.

It is worth mentioning that the 70MAI Air Pumper has an inflation pressure range of 0.1~7BAR. The traditional air pump may only be used for car tires. In order to make the product use higher, the 70MAI Air Pumper is designed not only for steam tires. The use of tires can also be used for balls, swim rings, swim rings, etc., which can greatly increase its actual use rate.

Open the storage box, the 70MAI Air Pumper has an LED display, which is mainly used to display the value of the tire. The user can intuitively understand the current tire pressure, which is more clear than the traditional pressure gauge display, and supports The preset pressure can avoid the problem of over-filling, and the inflation will automatically stop when it reaches the preset value. Of course, it is also possible to finely adjust the middle "R" key by adding and subtracting files, which is mainly used for display switching of bar, psi and kpa tire pressure units.

Tire joint mining and quick-pull design. After inserting the air nozzle, immediately after hearing the sound of deflation, the pressure plate of the quick-release joint is pressed 90 degrees inward. No venting sound is heard indicating that the connection has been successful.

As mentioned above, it not only supports car tires, but also three different sizes of adapters for standard use, and three holes are designed for storage. It can be seen that the manufacturers consider it very thoughtful.

70MAI Air Pumper power supply standard comes standard with the design of the cigarette lighter, the power line provides about 3 meters, fully meet the charging range, the working voltage is 12V, the current is 10A. In addition to meeting the inflation of car tires, if the official standard is a converter with a normal plug, it is perfect, but it is quite cheap to buy a converter in X Bao.

When not connected, the host screen is displayed as zero. When the tire is connected, the tire pressure of the current tire will be displayed immediately. It is displayed in a digital display mode, which is very intuitive. To inflate the tire, it is very convenient to operate. Press the '+' and '-' buttons to preset the tire pressure value, then click the power button to start working.

70MAI Air Pumper has three tire pressure value display modes that can be switched at will, so that it can be used by different people. It does not need to be converted by itself. It is displayed directly on the screen. The author has carried out a simple test with a preset tire pressure of 2.5 BAR. It takes only ten seconds to complete after startup, and the machine stops automatically. It is more convenient to use than a conventional air pump, and can be used without spending too much learning cost.

In terms of noise, compared with ordinary air pumps, 70MAI Air Pumper control is very good in noise, mainly because of the rational design of internal metal direct drive structure, the effective use of transmission efficiency, through precision Balanced technology, and a shock-absorbing foot pad at the bottom, can reduce the machine's jitter and noise when the main engine is running.

It is worth mentioning that the 70MAI Air Pumper is specially designed for the tire fluid, but it needs to be purchased separately. If it has a puncture, it can be used emergencyly. It is very good for drivers who will not change the spare tire. Practical, it is also very convenient to use. After use, drive to the nearest tire shop to repair the tires. It is still a very good choice in the car.

As an automotive product, the 70MAI Air Pumper is more practical than the car that has no practical use. When the tire has abnormal tire pressure, we can do the simple processing in the first time. We may call a rescue, or call a friend, in which it may take a long time, in addition to self-rescue, it also comes standard with three other specifications of the gas nozzle for the charging of inflatable cushions, balls and other items, this The point design is very user-friendly and also meets the needs of a multi-purpose. In general, this 70MAI Air Pumper is really very practical.

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