DangBei Smart F1 Review - An intelligent projector from leading TV store

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Watching TV on the big screen has become the standard for many families. In addition to buying large-screen TVs, it seems that more people are now willing to choose projections to watch the programs. The projections are slowly replacing TVs, compared to large-screen TVs. Projection has great advantages in terms of price and size. The function of projection has also evolved from the earliest single peripheral equipment to intelligent projection, self-contained system, wireless connection, wiring-free, and hoisting. The main factor of people chasing sticks.

Minimalist design

In terms of appearance, DangBei Smart F1 overall size is 255mm 183mm 84mm, moderate size, weight is about 2.1kg, this projection is not the main portable design, so the size and weight can be understood, the projection of the shell material, phase Compared with the design of many integrated pure metals on the market, DangBei Smart F1 uses ABS plastic and mesh technology to splicing design, unique appearance design, such color value storage at home to add a lot of color. The overall body is biased towards a minimalist design style. It does not use too much exaggerated shape. The DangBei Logo is designed only on the mesh of the front end of the fuselage. The main body is designed in gray and dark gray to meet the style of different home decoration. Can be stored freely in different scenarios.

Excellent hardware performance

DangBei Smart F1 uses MSD6A938 top-level chip, with 3G+32G storage solution, the large memory solution even surpasses the current smart TV on the market, it is very smooth in system operation, don't worry about the situation of Caton in the long time of watching. And running the video, the game can enjoy a very good experience.

HD lens

In terms of lens, DangBei Smart F1 adopts the current mainstream LED light source, the lens protection piece adopts sapphire glass with scratch-proof characteristics, and the projection lens composed of 11 pieces of Schott glass can ensure that it is not easy to run under the viewing state. For projectors, many people will ask for brightness, then the DangBei Smart F1 has a brightness of 1400 ANSI, a resolution of 1920x1080, and is compatible with 4K output. It is equipped with a 0.47′′ DMD display chip and 4 sets of high-bright Osram LED bulbs. With a lot of 1080P projection, DangBei Smart F1 has worked hard on hardware cost to achieve true 1080P image quality, 1400 ANSI lumens performance, even in the daytime can enjoy the cinema-level viewing experience.

rich interfaces

The back of the DangBei Smart F1 is set as an expansion interface. From left to right, it is: S/PDIF, LAN, HDMI (supporting ARC), USB3.0, DC power supply hole and physical switch key. From the interface, it can basically meet the daily use. Demand, many families currently have wireless network coverage, so for projection, speaker, monitoring and other devices are connected by wireless, DangBei Smart F1 not only supports 2.4G, but also supports and 5G frequency, for overall network speed and stability The aspect has been fully guaranteed.

DangBei Smart F1 has a large area of ​​cooling holes on both sides. It is understood that there is an intelligent cooling system inside the fuselage, which detects the temperature of the light machine and CPU in real time during operation, and automatically adjusts the fan speed according to the internal temperature to achieve the best. heat radiation.

Continuously upgraded UI system

As a smart projection, the UI system is very important for the user's experience. The first feeling of opening the projection is that it is very different from the system layout used in the past. It is worth mentioning that the first time you enter the system, you will have your own preferences. This is also the difference between other brand systems, support user-defined channel settings, and can also be changed and sorted later, very user-friendly. The top shortcut bar allows you to search, set, and HDMI one-click direct, without the user having to go to the menu bar to find it again.

Convenient projection via mobile phones

Through the same screen function, you can realize the synchronization of mobile phone, tablet and computer to the projection. You can carry out the big screen experience of mobile game through the same screen, connect the tablet to browse the picture, share the picture video after the tour with the family, connect the computer. Perform a demonstration of PPT, some analysis of big data.

Power saving Bluetooth speaker mode

If the DangBei Smart F1 is only used to watch videos, it is a pity. You can see from the power off page of the remote control that the DangBei Smart Projection F1 also has the functions of smart speakers and bluetooth speakers, and the Bluetooth speaker mode uses the mobile phone directly. Play songs, in the smart speaker mode, just like playing AI speakers in peacetime, through the interaction of voice and projection, you can perform songs, check the weather and other operations.

In summary, the DangBei Smart F1 is worthy of recognition from the appearance and overall function. The quality of the projected image is beyond the expected idea. Both the static wallpaper and the dynamic video are very eye-catching. The function adds AI speaker mode and projection. The actual usage rate and usage scenarios have become wider, and the UI system and content sources have also achieved a high level, achieving a balance between innovation and quality.

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