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Libratone Q ADAPT is positioned at the mid to high end of Libratone. The elegant Nordic design highlights the minimalist concept and is not compromised in ergonomics. The soft protein leather earmuffs are soft and comfortable, and the head beam section also has thick fillers to meet the user's long-wearing requirements.

With a Q CORE is a shape of the headset, core is the "center, core, essence" meaning, is the basic model of Libratone, but CORE is a wired headset, Q ADAPT added wireless function and four active Noise reduction function.


The wire body is made of nylon woven material. As for the material of the line, it seems that everyone has different opinions, but nylon will be more anti-aging.

Headphone design:

The design of Q ADAPT headphones is very simple. There are no extra lines and decorations. It is equipped with khaki, which is very smart and exquisite. The metal connecting column is stainless steel, and the color is the cold and cold natural color of stainless steel.

Headset button settings:

There is a switch for the earphone under the left earmuff, long press can be turned on and off, and the remaining power of the earphone can be checked by pressing the earphone during use. There are four interfaces under the right earmuff: 3.5mm headphone jack, function buttons, micro-usb charging port, (indicator) microphone. There are also 10 indicators on the outside of the bird icon. The remaining power, volume adjustment, and noise reduction level are reflected on these 10 small dots.

Voice of purity:

For a wireless headset, I think the most important are three aspects: sound quality, battery life, noise reduction level, and delay level. First of all, the conclusion, comprehensive experience, I am very satisfied with this product, in line with the 1698 positioning.


This earphone is very delicate and natural in the realization of vocals. It is very good for Faye Wong's ethereal cymbals and the magnetic sound of the scorpion, creating a very transparent sound field effect, while the sound position is closer to the ear and penetrating. It makes people feel very real and sounds close to their ears. When listening to rock music, drums, guitars, bass, vocals and many other musical instruments are combined. Even if there is a synthesizer rendering, it can be clearly defined and effortless.

Start pairing:

Press and hold the power button to enter the pairing state. When the headphones are matched, there will be 2 lights flashing back and forth alternately. Once connected, it can be used with the Bird App. Enter the Bird App, which will display the current connection between the device connected to the phone and the device currently connected. With the Libratone app, you can control the versatility of your headphones. For example, in the APP, you can set the lighting policy of the headset, you can set the noise reduction level, you can turn on the HUSH mode, you can adjust the sound effect and so on.

APP and intelligent experience:

If it is in the standby state, the earphone can be automatically sensed, and the bird's figure outside the right ear cup will light up. The normal use process is worn because the light is extinguished. Libratone's logo can be lit up. In the app, you can set the headlight's lighting strategy. You can decide for yourself whether to turn on the logo. It lights up, it’s still cool, it’s very hard. The volume control of the Libratone Q ADAPT is very creative. With the touch sensor, you can directly adjust the volume by touching the finger on the right earcup clockwise or counterclockwise. Very high-end is very hard. Pause and resume playback. Just tap the right earmuff with your hand to pause, then take a photo and continue playing. Tap twice, it is the next function

HUSH mode:

Covering the touch area with your hand for one second will enter the HUSH mode. At this time, all the sounds of the headphone source are turned off, and the sound of the external environment can be clearly heard. This feature is very practical in actual use. In addition to the power of the headset in the app, ten small points can also display the power.


I was very satisfied with the battery life. It took me three and a half hours to lose a little electricity. The official announced that it was 20h, and I had a discount. It must be 15h.

Noise reduction experience:

Headphones that can switch the noise reduction level are rare. I am the first experience. Libratone's Q ADAPT can switch the noise reduction of the fourth gear through the touch area of ​​the right ear cup. Every time you switch, the headset will have an audible prompt. The first three files are a drop, and in the fourth gear, that is, the highest gear, it is two drops. Very convenient for users to understand the current level of noise reduction, In addition, the noise reduction level of this headset can also be adjusted by Libratone's app. In the main interface, you can directly switch the noise reduction mode. The sound mode can be used for high-intensity or bass-enhanced switching, which is the function of the equalizer.


Libratone's earphones are designed with unique control, compact buttons, simple design, and intelligent operation through the app. The selling point is not perfect sound quality, but an intelligent experience.

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