Orico Notebook Cooling Mate Review - all aluminum body + dual fan cooling

@dugeon Oct 18, 2019 70086 views notebook computer cooler

Although the notebook computer is convenient, the high temperature during use not only affects the experience, but also affects its own hardware and reduces the service life. Therefore, a notebook cooling base is very important. Today, we share an aluminum notebook cooling base.

This silver aluminum base from Orico is dedicated to take away heat from your old notebook in a reliable way.

A soft silicone pad is placed around the top of the base to prevent slippage when the notebook is in use.

Side view, there is enough space underneath to ensure heat dissipation.

There is an Orico logo on the front.

Radiator detail and Anti-slip detail.

There are anti-slip mats on both sides.

In addition to passive heat dissipation, this notebook cooling base also comes with two cooling fans for active heat dissipation.

The cooling fan is powered by USB. Appearance after installing the fan.

Placed on the notebook, the size is just right.

This cooling base is made of all aluminum, reasonable design and good functionality. It should be used for a few years until you don't need it.

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