Philips 276C8 Review - A Monitor of Ultra Slim, USB-C docking, And Red Dot Design Award Winner

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Most of the conventional LCD monitors that we can access every day are mainly concentrated on the back of the screen. Therefore, although the current mainstream monitors can realize the design of ultra-narrow bezels, in this way of assembly, Most of them are difficult to match with the ultra-thin screen thickness, unless the rules are broken, the interior uses a different layout, and this time to share is such a monitor, from the Philips 276CB monitor. The screen and the bracket part are designed in one piece, so some parts can be arranged on the base. It should be the drive board part of the display. The interface I/O part is also arranged on the back of the base.

In addition to the thin screen design, this is also the choice of this one-piece design.

The appearance will be more simple and stylish, its positioning is also suitable for general household and regular office use, the outer packaging uses color printing with a display body, marked There are main features of the product, the screen specifications are relatively in line with its price, with the HDR function and the TYPE-C external input interface.

The icon with the 2018 Red Dot Design Award indicates that this product is still somewhat recognizable in design. The upper edge has a handle and the right side has a graphic description of the product out of the box.

The screen and the stand base are designed in one piece and can be used directly without any additional assembly.

First look at the back of the display, the black design of the whole body, the interface part of the conventional display is missing, and the entire back is very simple and clean.

Most of the areas are made of ultra-thin design.

The corresponding back is made of metal. When you touch it, there will be metal icy feeling. Considering the heat dissipation in the screen work, the form should be so thin. It should be adopted. The effect after conventional bare screen processing is almost the same as the thickness of IPHONE.

The lower edge of the screen is the thickness of the normal display. The connection here extends to the base of the bracket and requires a certain thickness to increase the strength.

Multiple Interfaces in the bottom

The interface part of the I/O is designed on the back of the base, including the power switch, HDMI X2 interface, TYPE-C interface, audio output interface, power input interface, and the entire base is wrapped with metal material to enhance the stability of the display.

The interface part is worth mentioning is that there is a standard TYPE-C, the power transmission can reach 65W, Apple's MACBOOK can also be extended to the display through the TYPE-C connection, easy to plug, take up less space.

27-inch 2K resolution IPS LCD panel.

The screen color has a wide color gamut standard. According to the official value, NTSC can reach 114%, SRGB can reach 131%, and the quality is quite good.

The input video interface can be selected on the same screen, that is, two computers can share one display, which can be used with a notebook, or can be hung on a NAS host or a monitoring host. It seems quite convenient to think about it.

Actual experience, Philips 276C8 display, with IPS wide-angle screen and 2K resolution, with HDR picture mode, the quality and exquisiteness of the picture will be more assured, personally feels quite suitable for business people, with TYPE- C interface, can be used externally to MACBOOK, with split screen function, very suitable for office crowds with multiple application scenarios. At the same time, it has a good color performance, and it can also be applied to users who have corresponding work requirements. In addition, the ultra-narrow and ultra-thin design itself has a good business simplicity and is quite attractive.

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