Western Digital My Passport SSD Review: beautiful design + ultra fast transmission speed

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For the era of big data, more and more data is stored. How to transmit data efficiently has become one of the topics discussed by many people. U disk is one of the common storage devices used in mainstream office use. It is compact and convenient. The transmission method has become the first choice of many office workers. Although the U disk of large-capacity storage on the market is not uncommon, the transmission speed and security cannot be guaranteed. In order to meet the needs of users for fast, secure storage and transmission, portable SSD solid state drives Into our life, it is much faster than ordinary U disk and hard drive, recently received a My Passport SSD mobile hard drive from WD(Western Digital), compact body design, and excellent transmission speed has been a lot of users favorite!

Simple packaging style, the overall design style of the product can be seen from the packaging, and the product capacity is 256GB, the highest 540MB/s, anti-collision, three-year warranty, WD security backup and WD security protection features The back introduces some important parameters, and also indicates information about the compatible platform of the product.

Compared with the previous rigid design, the exquisite and compact design makes the My Passport SSD mobile hard drive more atmospheric. The size is only 90mm45mm*10mm. It is designed with metal casing and has strong anti-drop ability. The black part is marked with the WD product LOGO. It is understood that this portable SSD product has four capacity specifications, namely 256G, 512G, 1T version, 2T version, 2T version can meet the needs of digital enthusiasts, then the capacity of four specifications can be Meet the needs of different customers.

On the body of the WD My Passport SSD, the only opening of the entire product is at the bottom position, which is set to the Type-C connection hole. According to the official introduction, the maximum transmission speed is up to 540MB/S. This speed is U disk and common. Mobile hard drives can't be compared, of course, I want this speed, my computer configuration and interface must be strong.

From the combination of the data cable and the conversion head, the official fully understands the needs of the users currently on the market, not only to meet the use of Apple computers, but also the traditional computers and notebooks can be used after using the conversion head, which can be seen from the designer's intimate Where.

In addition to the super high value, let's take a look at the actual use, WD My Passport SSD can be compatible with Windows 7 and above operating systems, and plug and play under WIN10 system. Then, under the Mac computer system, plug-and-play can also be realized to realize the Type-C to Type-C data transmission requirements. Such a product design can definitely be called a good office assistant, and can complete the data transmission quickly and efficiently.

From the test data, it can be seen that the performance of Western Digital My Passport SSD is worthy of recognition. As such a compact SSD hard disk, in the CrystalDiskMark software test, the reading speed can reach 537.6MB/s, and the writing speed is as high as 529.6. MB/s, in the ATTO Disk Benchmark test, the reading speed can reach 537MB/s or more, and the writing speed is above 525MB/s. It can be seen from the test that the Western Digital My Passport SSD reads. Or the writing speed, compared with the ordinary U disk and hard disk speed has a clear advantage, and more than a lot of SSD products on the market.

It is worth mentioning that WD My Passport SSD is a great deal of security. For office, the security of the data is very important. Even if it is lost, it will not be easily viewed by people. WD My Passport SSD has built-in 256-bit AES hardware encryption function, and comes with WD Security software. It can be used to protect content and protect others from accessing private files. Through Discovery, you can manage WD products in your computer, Drive Utilities can provide hard disk diagnostics and data clearing functions. This function is very important and practical for business workers.

Then WD Backup can manage the file data of the hard disk and the Dropbox cloud space, Security encrypts the My Passport SSD, and can also implement functions such as cloud backup and recovery to ensure that data will not be easily lost.

After these days of experience, it can be seen that the compact and compact body design, its efficient transmission speed capability, has obvious advantages in high-speed writing and reading speed compared to the most common U disk and mobile hard disk, and In terms of compatibility and actual stability, it is much higher than traditional hard drives, and has secure encryption technology and backup function. The high-value, high-performance WD My Passport SSD is definitely the preferred portable storage device for business people.

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