Insta360 GO review - A small camera about the size of your thumb

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In the two weeks of using Insta360 GO, I tried to take it all the time and shoot at any time, go shopping, go to the game, go to the operator's business hall to open 5G... Let me be the most profound, Insta360 GO is really a A small camera that frees both hands, providing one more seat for creators who love to record their lives.

On the night of the release of Insta360 GO (hereinafter referred to as GO), I learned about this new product in the photography group. At that time, the idea was "Hey, can you do this? Can you do this?" I have GoPro. Shouldn't you need it?"

The body of the Insta360 GO is only the size of the thumb. When the charging box is taken out of the body, the first feeling is small, too small, and probably only 1/4 of the volume of the GoPro. Thanks to GO's very mini body, the combination of all the accessories is magnet adsorption, including when returning to the same charging box as AirPods, and two or three centimeters away from the charging box, GO can Inducted to the mother's call, plunge back to the arms of the box. The sound of the collision between the camera and the box is also very good. Just like someone likes to use the slider of the slider phone, I often pick it up and suck it back during this time.

The body is equipped with 8GB of storage space, does not support expansion, can be connected to the phone Bluetooth connection, but does not support file transfer and real-time preview. The camera's default long video can only record up to one minute at a time, and the time-lapse photography can be up to YY minutes, which limits the generation of large-volume materials to a certain extent. The official website says that "200 works can be created in one day" is not unreasonable, as long as the battery is guaranteed. Fullness.

The GO material file cannot be directly copied to the PC, and it needs to be placed back to the charging box and connected to the mobile phone for line transmission. Although it is a mini, it also inherits the panoramic shooting mode of the family product. It can take photos and videos with a full resolution of 3040×3040, which makes the blind shot bolder and has a large enough viewing range without considering the composition. I will explain this part in more detail in the later App Operations section.

Each manufacturer will give its own anti-shake an English name, and Insta360 GO's anti-shake is called FlowState. The actual experience is remarkable. In the video where I took the GO everywhere, the footage only breathed up and down.

There is only one button on the body of the Insta360 GO. By long press, short press or double press to perform different operations, the Insta360 gives the shortest time-consuming short press to the instant shooting, the user can set this button to start. Taking pictures, videos, time-lapse photography or slow motion, you can also quickly start and shoot when the device is turned off.

Like most sports light equipment, Insta360 also equips GO with an exclusive app for use.

In addition to editing the video, the App is also a sharing community, Nothing special. But unlike the DJI or GoPro products, Insta360 GO also has the same panoramic shooting mode as the family products. Some editing functions must be used in the App, or the plug-in can be installed on the PC-side Adobe Premeire.

It is worth mentioning that the pictures taken by the camera are not all displayed in the photos, and the photos are different in proportion to the traditional cropped photos. When switching between 16:9, 9:16 and 1:1 frames, you can get three different ranges of photos.

This creates more space for the later stage. For example, in the propaganda, the main method called the Pirates of Dream Space, which rotates the lens, because there is a resolution of 3040, it can be used for the post-key generation without rotating the GO. The social needs of the user. Unfortunately, this feature is currently only available on the iOS app.

In addition to the magnet adsorption, the paste is another way of combining GO. As long as the sticker is removed with the universal base, the GO can be installed anywhere. In terms of convenience, it surpasses any other sports camera, and even rivals the "sensitive content" that the people are afraid of.

It is guaranteed to be light and can't do the best of both worlds in terms of picture quality. The quality of GO is quite different from that of users who are accustomed to the quality of mobile phones in 2019, although it is enough to share on social networks to share with friends. However, after all, it is just a small camera weighing less than 20 grams. I think the meaning of its existence is not in the quality of the image, but in the addition of a flexible position. Another perspective on the world, I believe there will be more in the future. good performance.

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